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New York Bed Sore Lawyers

Protecting Victims of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Bed sores, also known as “pressure ulcers,” are sadly very common occurrences in nursing homes. These painful skin injuries result when a person doesn’t move for an extended period of time. As pressure is constantly applied to certain areas of the body (often the tailbone, hips, buttocks, and shoulders), blood flow to the skin is limited and sores can develop. This is a risk for nursing home residents because many of them have limited mobility or are on bed rest to recover from illnesses. However, bed sores are completely preventable in most cases.

Nursing home residents should typically not be living with bed sores if they are receiving proper care. Bed sores are often evidence that your loved one is not being taken care of in the way they should be in such a facility. We understand how painful this situation is for your family. Our team of NY bedsore attorneys are dedicated to holding negligent nursing homes accountable and recovering the compensation you deserve.

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Pressure Ulcer Signs

Bed sores generally appear as red or purple/blue patches on the skin. There are four stages of pressure ulcer development, each with distinctive characteristics that appear as an injury worsens.

The four stages of bed sore development are:

  • Stage 1: In the beginning stages, bed sores appear red (or purple/blue) and may be painful, itchy, or burning to the touch.
  • Stage 2: As bed sores worsen, they can form an open wound or blister and cause greater pain and discomfort.
  • Stage 3: Bed sores continue to cause deeper damage and open up more, revealing layers of the skin.
  • Stage 4: At their worst, bed sores increase in size and can reveal (and infect) muscles and bones.

Complications can result from bed sores and turn a mild skin lesion into a serious health issue. Infections, and especially sepsis, are among the greatest risks of untreated bed sores.

Causes of Bed Sores

Bed sores are often a symptom of nursing home abuse and neglect. To prevent bed sores, nursing home staff must frequently reposition immobile patients and ensure that they are clean and dry. Staying in one position for too long is the main cause of pressure ulcers, but the condition can worsen if adult diapers are not timely changed, or if a person is malnourished, not bathed or otherwise not taken care of.

Who is Liable?

If your loved one is living with bed sores — or even died from their injuries — due to negligent nursing home care, there are many different people who may be responsible for the damages. Pressure ulcers are often caused by negligence throughout a care facility, rather than the fault of an individual person.

How We Can Help

You should reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible if your family member who is living in a nursing home has bed sores. Bed sores are not simply an unavoidable injury that occurs through no fault of anyone — they are typically caused by insufficient care.

Our team of experienced lawyers will gather evidence of the nursing home’s wrongdoing. Whether through settlement negotiations or trial, we will fight to ensure they are held responsible and compensate your family appropriately.

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